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Author: mox1 is a simple, no frills blog content management system, powered by Bootstrap and In its default configruation the full software stack consists of: has been designed to be simple and "just work", if you experience problems please create an issue on github! includes an awesome default theme written by HackerThemes. Any of HackerThemes "Tales" themes will work by default with


mox1's Blog - A live real world example / demo of

Setup / Initial Config

mkdir my_blog
cd my_blog
git clone .
pip install -r requirements.txt
python ./ 

In your favorite browser navigate to localhost:8080/admin/admin


Have a look at the QuickStart guide

Running with apache / lighttpd / nginx

While the usage instructions above will get you up and running with a quick site for production / real-world environemnts, you will probably want to run under apache or lighttpd. Google " + " your desired web server for instruction. For apache mod_wsgi see: For lighttpd mod_fastcgi see:

Getting Involed

It is my goal to eventually turn into a fully functional, feature complete Blogging platform. But, I can't do all of that by myself! Anyone wishing to get involed into the project should join the mailing list at


Portions of this sofware Copyright 2014 by mox1. This software is made available to you through through the "GPLv3" license, unless otherwise noted. See LICENSE.txt for a complete copy of the GPLv3 license.