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Coding environment 3D graphics with PureScript.
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Kusabi is the project that aiming to build an application provides try and error environment for building 3D graphics in WebGL quickly. Kusabi takes advantage of PureScript AltJS and Three.js the library for WebGL. Kusabi consists of editor, render view and communication way of PureScript's compiling process with. Compose graphics by PureScript functions on the editor, you can get result of rendering on the render view repetitively.


PureScript functions for using in Kusabi appication. It helps composing WebGL scene rendering with threejs.

For more details, see README of Yodaka's repo


Clone Repo

When you need to clone repo with recursive option for to resolve submodule Yodaka.

git clone --recursive

Install Spago

Kusabi depends PureScript package managment system on Spago and its build system.

PureScript and Spago could install with npm.

npm i -g purescript
npm i -g spago

Then execute spago command and make sure it works.

If you installed to other directory, you can customize it by spagoCommand setting in config.json.

if you got other probrems about installation, official document will helps you.


cd /where/you/cloned/kusabi

npm install


npm run start

in another command prompt,

npm run electron

Kusabi's editor window will launch.

Execute Code

Upper half of the window is editor view. Write code and execute whole lines by Ctrl + E key.

add $ torus {}

Keyboard shortcuts

Editor keyboard shortcuts

key (win/linux) key (Mac) function
Ctrl + E Ctrl + E Execute code
Ctrl + S Cmd + S Save file
Ctrl + O Cmd + O Open file

Test Environment

Mac OSX version : 10.14.8

Node.js version : v11.6.0

Electron version : v6.0.3

Spago version : v0.9.0.0

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