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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jul 23, 2024. It is now read-only.

Releases: mozilla/Jisort


02 Jan 23:51
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  • Patch GH-234: Links in tutorials don't work
  • Patch GH-239: Topic list view doesn't scroll vertically on Android 16 and lower
  • Update android-simple-tooltip library to prevent unexpected crashes
  • Update all app dependencies, and update target version of Android to API 25
  • Bunch of quality of life and general performance improvements
  • Travis CI & S3 integration (Deploying latest builds to
  • Brand new in-depth project documentation


19 Oct 19:26
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  • Patch GH-231: Certificate invalidation error when installing app on phone
  • Significant reduction in Travis CI build times (now caching some Gradle directories)


11 Oct 17:38
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  • Patch GH-144: ScrollView not resetting scroll position on fragment transition
  • Patch GH-185: Gifs don’t scale properly on Android API level 17 or lower
  • Patch GH-221: Welcome screen doesn’t scale on smaller phones (preventing app usage)
  • Patch GH-190: Receiving Wi-Fi notification when not connected to Wi-Fi
  • Patch GH-178: Unable to click through notifications
  • General performance improvements and major reduction in APK size
  • Code is now distributed under MPL-2.0 license (
  • Travis CI build integration (to support unit, lint and compilation testing)
  • 723% reduction in codebase size (previously 58mb, now 6.8mb)
  • Major cleanup to code base, minor performance tweaks, updated some dependencies
  • Android lint errors have been resolved, and as a result no longer cause the build to fail