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Mozilla Open Design

Welcome to the Mozilla Open Design Repo. Here you can file issues with your design requests for the community design group, find collaborators, or find design tasks to tackle. Don't forget to use the issue template below to make sure you are including all the relevant information!

Anyone can take (or make) a design issue, as long as it is related to Mozilla!

If you'd like to join the community design group mailing list please sign up here and watch this repo!

NEED HELP? Watch a tutorial and ask your questions here!

NOTE: Once you've completed a project please include the source files!

Issue Template:

Click here to create issue with default template

## Goal: 
[What you'd like created]

## Info: 
[What it will be used for/where it will go]

## Style Information: 
[What you want it to look like, link to references, similar things etc.]

## Deadline: 
[When would you like this done by]

## Tag: 
[Design Needed, Developer Needed, Question, Staff Support Needed]

Note: Because of the way permissions work on this repo, if you can't add a label yourself indicate the label you want added in the body of the issue and someone will add it for you.


Mozilla Open Design aims to bring open source principles to Creative Design. Find us on Matrix:




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