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Firefox Notes

A notepad for Firefox

CircleCI Available on Test Pilot

Discussion Forum:


  • Step 0: If you plan on sending a pull-request, you should fork the repository.
  • Step 1: Clone the notes repository or your fork.
git clone
# or
git clone[yourusername]/notes.git
  • Step 2: Navigate to the root of the directory you cloned and run:

Make sure to use Node.js 8+.

Command Description
npm install Installs required Node.js dependencies.
npm run build Builds the application as a Web Extension.
npm start Launches Firefox with the Web Extension.

You can also open the test/index.html file in your browser to run the automated tests.

WebExtension Permissions

Permission Description
contextMenus Used for "Send to Note" feature, sends text from pages to the Notes sidebar.
storage Storage for Notes.
identity OAuth login to Firefox Accounts to sync your notes.


See for release steps.


Firefox Notes localization is managed via Pontoon, not direct pull requests to the repository. If you want to fix a typo, add a new language, or simply know more about localization, please get in touch with the existing localization team for your language, or Mozilla’s l10n-drivers for guidance.




Notes v4