@gbrail gbrail released this Jun 17, 2015 · 298 commits to master since this release

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Major changes in this release:

Release 1.7.7

Specific changes:

  • Issue 202 Initial support for ECMA Script 6 "method definitions".
  • Issue 201 Make sure that all native Error instances can be converted
    to JSON.
  • Issue 184 Fix compile encoding errors.
  • Issue 178 Support build using Gradle (build using Ant is still
    supported but will be removed in a future release.)
  • Issue 176 Add ScriptRuntime.throwCustomError to make it easier
    to re-throw Java exceptions
  • Issue 166 Support many ES6 additions to the Math class.
  • Issue 165 Support many ES6 additions to the Number class.
  • Issue 163 Support ES6 additions to the String class.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!