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Social API + WebRTC Demo

Quick Start

  1. This demo requires Firefox 19+. Grab the latest nightly.

  2. Create a new profile. You don't want to be messing with all these prefs in a profile that you use regularly.

  3. Set the following boolean prefs via about:config

     social.enabled: true true
     media.navigator.enabled: true
     media.navigator.permission.disabled: true
     media.peerconnection.enabled: true
     dom.disable_open_during_load: false
  4. Set the SocialAPI provider, also via about:config. It's ok that the provider is named "facebook", the SocialAPI grabs the first pref prefixed with social.manifest. Note that the pref is actually a JSON string.

     social.manifest.facebook: {"location":"","name":"WebRTC Social Demo","iconURL":"","workerURL":"","sidebarURL":"","origin":"","enabled":true,"last_modified":135101330568}
  5. Restart the browser.

  6. Login with Persona when the SocialAPI sidebbar shows up. Get a friend to login (or login with a new profile on the same machine), and click to initiate a video call. You can drag-and-drop to share files and tabs!

Local Development

It is easier to hack on this by setting up a local server:

$ npm install
$ env PORT=5000 AUDIENCE="http://localhost:5000" node app.js

and set the SocialAPI provider to:

social.manifest.facebook: {"location":"http://localhost:5000/manifest.json","name":"WebRTC Social Demo","iconURL":"http://localhost:5000/icon.png","workerURL":"http://localhost:5000/worker.js","sidebarURL":"http://localhost:5000/sidebar.htm","origin":"http://localhost:5000","enabled":true,"last_modified":135101330568}