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Ruby WebSocket Client

Implementation of WebSocket client in ruby to talk to WebSockets server. It was developed primarily as a tool to test basic protocol conformance of a WebSocket server.

This client supports hybi-07 draft. Older version of the protocol (hixie draft-76) is not supported.

The client includes some basic tests to check websocket framing, fragmentation and compression (more details in the spec folder).


The client assumes that the server under test support several subprotocols.

protocols of libwebsockets server

  • lws-mirror-protocol (copies any received packet to every connection also using this protocol, including the sender)
  • dumb-increment-protocol (send incrementing ASCII string every 0.5 second)
  • fraggle-protocol

org.ietf tests

  • org.ietf.websocket.test-echo-assemble (echo messages after assembling all fragments)
  • org.ietf.websocket.test-echo-fragment (echo frames randomly fragmented)
  • org.ietf.websocket.test-produce (produce messages of random size and fragmentation)

Check out the contents of the /spec folder for usage examples.


The MIT License - Copyright (c) 2011 Mikhail Platov