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Graph your inbox is a chrome extension for creating analytics from a gmail inbox
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Graph Your Inbox

Important Note: This extension is majoritally based upon the code written by Bill Zeller. The initial commit is infact a direct copy of the code from an installed version of his extension (Graph Your Inbox). Unfortunately Bill is no longer with us and the extension has since stopped working. There is no word on the copyright status of the original code, but I hope to re-impliment most of it to avoid infringment. If your are the rightfull owner of this initial work, then please get in touch and I will happily remove this work. My aim is just to get it working again, and pay tribute to Bill's great contribution.


Graph Your Inbox is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to graph Gmail activity over time. You can use it to visualize your communication with friends, your Facebook activity, when you purchased items on Amazon or how often you use certain words or phrases. It provides the same search functionality used by Gmail, but instead of a list of messages we show you a graph of your email trends over time.

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