Code for the Megapixel Controller using E1.31
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MegaPixel_E1.31.ino update description Apr 14, 2018 Update Apr 9, 2018


Code for the Megapixel Controller using E1.31

Code: This code will allow a Teensy 3.2 Based chip function as a e1.31 controller. The base functionalitly will control up to 32 universes at speeds up to 40 FPS.

Requirements: The Controller should use the octows2811 methods as explained on the PJRC webiste. The controller also uses the Wiznet 5200 or 5500 chip module for ethernet connectivity. The code requires the use of the one socket library located here:

DIY Boards: For those seeking to make their own prototypes or boards Both schematics and recomended connectivity can be found on the PJRC website.

Contribution: Much time and effort has been placed into designing our own PCB. Equaly as such time has been spent on this code base to make this project come to life. We are greatfull to contribute the changes and advances to the code and provide it here for the DIY enthusiast to modify and use for their needs. Our PCB board design files will remain closed at this time. If you wish to buy a ready made PCB please visit

Our Hardware: Megapixel.Lighting provides an affordable DIY PCB board ready for the Teensy 3.2 and Wiznet modules, regulators and connectivity. Boards and kits will be available for sale on Megapixel.Lighting website. Hardware mimics the design of the Octows2811 with the option to have the components socketed for easy replacement and testing. Components can also be soldered into the PCB making them more permanent.