Cmdline tool written in Golang to share file links using cloud providers like dropbox, googledrive, seafile, nextcloud
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Go Share files!

Share your files with your friends using Cloudproviders with just one command.

Supported Cloud Providers:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Seafile (also private hosted)
  • Nextcloud / Owncloud
  • Any missing? Create an Issue or PR!

Optional Support for URL Shortener:

  • ...

Howto share?

user@srv# share somedocument.pdf
Uploading 361 B/361 B
Short URL:
URL copied to clipboard!

Howto setup?

user@srv# share --setup

Select a provider and connect the app to your account. The token will be saved to your disk.

Howto install?

Download precompiled binarys for your OS or compile it from source.

On MacOSX you can use brew

brew install


Sharecmd uploads the file to the configured cloud provider and does a public share of the file for anyone who has the link. The link will be copyed to system clipboard (windows/linux/macos)

Provider Notes:


It uploads all files to /Apps/sharecmd (folder auto generated)


It uploads all files to /sharecmd (folder auto generated)


It creates a new Library called sharecmd on setup


The folder /sharecmd will be auto generated.