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git supported code archive and reference for org-mode
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Archive and reference source code snippets

This package provides commands for saving selecting code regions and inserting them as org-mode styled code blocks. These code blocks are tagged with an id that allows jumping back to the original source file. The original source file is archived in a git managed repo each time a code block is saved.

Saving full file copies enables referencing the orignal context and avoids the problem of locating bookmarked regions when the file becomes massively mutated or deleted. Using git solves the problem of saving multiple versions of a file history in a space efficient way.

Additional helpers are provided for org-capture templates.

Installation and Setup

code-archive is available from the MELPA package archive. See for help getting it setup.

in your config file:

Set the code archive directory, which defaults to ~/code-archive

(setq code-archive-dir "~/code-archive-directory")

The variable code-archive-src-map maps major modes to the mode that is used for the org block source type. For example:

(push '(lisp-interaction-mode . "emacs-lisp") code-archive-src-map)

Set code-archive-src-map to nil to disable it.

These variables can also be edited using custom by selecting the group “code-archive”


Save and insert org code block

  1. Select code. With a region selected in a source file run M-x code-archive-save-code, This will save that region to an internal stack. Multiple regions can be saved consecutively in this way. The source file will be added or updated in the git archive.
  2. Insert the code block. M-x code-archive-insert-org-block will insert the most recently saved codeblock. This should be called for each corresponding call to code-archive-save-code,

Jumping to source files

With the point at the start of a codeblock run M-x code-archive-goto-src to jump to the source file.

This will open the original source file if it has not changed. If it has been changed or deleted since the file was archived, the archived version will be opened instead.

Archived files are opened with code-archive-mode which recognizes the following keys:

oOpen the original source file at the same position if it exists
qKill the buffer.

org-capture templates

The functions code-archive-do-org-capture and code-archive-org-src-tag are provided for use in org-capture templates. They allow the capture template to archive the file and save the region as a codeblock in some designated file. Both require the file name to be passed to it with the %F escape.

code-archive-do-org-capture will create a codeblock out of the selected region, saving the file to the git archive in the usual way. This is equivalent to calling manually calling code-archive-save-code in the source buffer and calling code-archive-insert-org-block in the capture buffer.

code-archive-org-src-tag will insert an org tag of the source type.

An example org capture template using both these functions:

(setq org-capture-templates
      (quote (("c" "Code" entry (file "~/path/to/")
               "* %? %(code-archive-org-src-tag \"%F\")
 :FILE:     %F
 %(code-archive-do-org-capture \"%F\")")


  • modify html export to make the code blocks clickable, have it open the original or archived source file.
  • possibly enable multiple code archives. Currently not possible because the code block ID is global.
  • Use the derived-mode-parent property to find the mode to use

as the source block type. This will eliminate the need for code-archive-src-map

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