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Automated SSH ramdisk creator/loader
Compatible devices: hopefully everything Syringe supports

 # Submodules (xpwn and syringe)
git submodule init
git submodule update
 # OS X: you need libusb and arm-elf-binutils (and maybe arm-elf-gcc?) from macports to build syringe
 # Boost: Stripped down boost needed by fuzzy_patcher included in _3rd/boost_1_48_0: run, then use or build-win32.cmd to build.
 # general building - OS X: cd syringe; make all; cd ../xpwn; make all; cd ../mux_redux; make all; cd ../fuzzy_patcher; make all; cd jsyringeapi; make all; cp *.jnilib ../java/gui/src/res/native/
# general building - Win32: Just set JAVA_HOME to where the JDK is and build the solution.

# Building the Java project:
 Use Eclipse; add stuff from java/_3rd as external JARs.
 On Windows, make sure to use a 32-bit JDK environment to build/debug the java/gui project; since iTunes DLLs are 32bit, and so are the native DLLs that the solution builds.