MessagePack implementation for Common Language Infrastructure /[C#]
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MessagePack for CLI

What is it?

This is MessagePack serialization/deserialization for CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) implementations such as .NET Framework, Silverlight, Mono (including Moonlight.) This library can be used from ALL CLS compliant languages such as C#, F#, Visual Basic, Iron Python, Iron Ruby, PowerShell, C++/CLI or so.


You can serialize/deserialize objects as following: 1. Create serializer via MessagePackSerializer.Create generic method. This method creates dependent types serializers as well. 1. Invoke serializer as following: ** Pack method with destination Stream and target object for serialization. ** Unpack method with source Stream.

// Creates serializer.
var serializer = SerializationContext.Default.GetSerializer<T>();
// Pack obj to stream.
serializer.Pack(stream, obj);
// Unpack from stream.
var unpackedObject = serializer.Unpack(stream);
' Creates serializer.
Dim serializer = SerializationContext.Default.GetSerializer(Of T)()
' Pack obj to stream.
serializer.Pack(stream, obj)
' Unpack from stream.
Dim unpackedObject = serializer.Unpack(stream)


  • Fast and interoperable binary format serialization with simple API.
  • Generating pre-compiled assembly for rapid start up.
  • Flexible MessagePackObject which represents MessagePack type system naturally.


See wiki


  • Binary files distributed via the NuGet package MsgPack.Cli.
  • You can extract binary (DLL) file as following:
    1. Download *.zip file from GitHub Release page.
    2. Extract it.
    3. Under the bin directory, binaries are there!
      • For mono, you can use net461 or net35 drops as you run with.
      • For Unity, unity3d drop is suitable.

How to build

For .NET Framework

  1. Install recent Windows SDK (at least, .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and MSBuild is needed.)
    Or install Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express.
    1. If you want to build unit test assemblies, install NuGet and then restore NUnit packages.
  2. Run:

    msbuild MsgPack.sln

    Or (for .NET 3.5 drops and Unity 3D drops):

    msbuild MsgPack.compats.sln

    Or (for Windows Runtime/Phone drops and Silverlight 5 drops):

    msbuild MsgPack.Windows.sln

    Or (for Xamarin drops, you must have Xamarin Business or upper license and Mac machine on the LAN to build on Windows):

    msbuild MsgPack.Xamarin.sln

Or open one of above solution files in your IDE and run build command in it.

For Mono

Open MsgPack.mono.sln with MonoDevelop and then click Build menu item. (Of cource, you can build via xbuild.)

Own Unity 3D Build

First of all, there are binary drops on github release page, you should use it to save your time. Because we will not guarantee source code organization compatibilities, we might add/remove non-public types or members, which should break source code build. If you want to import sources, you must include just only described on MsgPack.Unity3D.csproj. If you want to use ".NET 2.0 Subset" settings, you must use just only described on MsgPack.Unity3D.CorLibOnly.csproj file, and define CORLIB_ONLY compiler constants.

See also