Google Batch Image Downloader (Java). It's a handy tools to automate batch image downloads from Google Imgae search. You can queue your keywords and set all the necesary options.
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Google Batch Image Downloader (GBID)


  • java -jar Gbid.jar -f input.txt --size larger:vga --domain --color specific:red
  • java -jar Gbid.jar -f input.txt --size large --type photo -n 15 -v
  • java -jar Gbid.jar -p "action script" --size large --domain
  • java -jar Gbid.jar -p "white lion" --size small --ext png --type photo --color transparent
  • java -jar Gbid.jar -p "beauty girl" --type face --color specific:white -v -n 5
  • java -jar Gbid.jar -p "beauty girl" --type face --color specific:black -v -n 30 --aspect tall --size medium --rights reuse
  • java -jar Gbid.jar -p "captcha" -v -n 40 -t 8 --size small --ext png
  • java -jar Gbid.jar -p "logo linux" -v -n 40 --size small --ext png --color transparent
Usage:[-v|--verbose] [-h|--help] [-?] [(-p|--phrase) ] [(-f|--file) ] [(-t|--thread) ] [(-n|--num) ] [(-d|--domain) ] [--type ] [--ext ] [--aspect ] [--rights ] [--size size:option ] [--color color:option ]
    Set verbose mode for output.
    Show help screen.
    Show help screen.
[(-p|--phrase) ]
    Double qouted search phrase. Ex: -p "White lion"
[(-f|--file) ]
    Input file name.
[(-t|--thread) ]
    Maximum working threads. (default: 3)
[(-n|--num) ]
    Number of results. (default: 10)
[(-d|--domain) ]
    Define search domain. Ex: -d
[--type ]
    Define image type, possible values are:[face, clipart, lineart, photo,
    Ex: --type face
[--ext ]
    Define image file extension, possible values are:[jpg, ico, bmp, svg,
    gif, png, webp].
    Ex: --ext bmp
[--aspect ]
    Define image aspect ratio, possible values are:[square, wide,
    panoramic, tall].
    Ex: --aspect tall
[--rights ]
    Define image copyrights, possible values are:[reuse, com_reuse_modify,
    reuse_modify, com_reuse].
    Ex: --rights com_reuse
[--size size:option ]
    Define image size, possible values are:[small, larger, large, icon,
    medium, exactly].
    Ex: --size medium

    For larger mode there are other options:[qsvga, 70mp, 40mp, svga, 15mp,
    vga, xga, 12mp, 2mp, 10mp, 20mp, 4mp, 6mp, 8mp]
    Ex: --size larger:qsvga

    For exactly mode weigth and heigth needed
    Ex: --size exactly:640,480
[--color color:option ]
    Define image coloe, possible values are:[color, nocolor, specific,
    Ex: --color transparent

    For specific mode there are other options:[orange, red, pink, gray,
    green, blue, white, black, yellow, purple, teal, brown]
    Ex: --color specific:green