jQuery plugin to embed GitHub Gists into dynamically-created HTML pages
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This jQuery plugin allows applications to embed Gists into those dynamically-created HTML pages, such as those created by jQuery, Backbone.js or Angular.js applications. (The usual way of embeding Gists into a static web page is to use an HTML script tag, which doesn't work for dynamically-created pages.)


Load the plugin file normally via a script tag. To embed a gist, add a div with the data-gist attribute set to the URL used to embed the gist:

<div data-gist="https://gist.github.com/9577835.js"></div>

Then call the plugin with the right selector for your gist-loading div elements:


This will dynamically load the gists via ajax calls, update the DOM with the gists' markup, and add GitHub's gist stylesheet to the head tag. (The plugin only loads the gist stylesheet once for application session.)

You can also load just a single file from a multi-file gist by adding the ?file= query parameter to the URL:

<div data-gist="https://gist.github.com/9577835.js?file=1.js"></div>

Setup for using the plugin

If you just want to use the plugin (and not develop the plugin itself), just download the latest jquery.ajax-gist.js or jquery.ajax-gist.min.js file and include it in your HTML file via a script tag.

Setup for developing the plugin

To develop this plugin:

Clone or fork & clone this project, install node.js for the build utilities, then run these commands for one-time setup:

npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install

Then run grunt on the command line to create the plugin's .min.js file and run the unit tests.


MIT License. See the license file for details.