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Installation notes for JAGS and Matjags in Windows

Step 1: Install JAGS

Step 2: Place the JAGS bin directory in the Windows path

  • The directory where the JAGS executable is stored should be placed in the windows path.

  • In Windows 7, go to Control Panel, System and Security, System and click on "Advanced System Settings" followed by "Environment Variables" Under System variables, click on Path, and add the jags path to the string. This could look something like "C:\Program Files\JAGS\JAGS-3.0.0\x64\bin" or whatever the path is.

  • If you have Matlab up and running already, quit matlab and start again to make sure that the new path is used by Matlab.

  • You can test whether the system path is updated by starting a dos prompt window (type "cmd" in the "search programs and files" box when you click the windows start button and type in "JAGS". If the path is updated, it should start the JAGS program).

Step 3: Test MATJAGS

  • Run one of the example scripts for Matjags. It might be helpful if the folder where MATJAGS is stored is placed on the Matlab path. To change the matlab path in Windows 7, you'll have to run Matlab as an administrator (right click the matlab program icon, and choose "run as administrator")


MATJAGS, a Matlab interface for JAGS



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