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Unobtrusive scratch window. Inspired by scratch.vim, enhanced.



  • Scratch window automatically hides when inactive.
  • Mappings allow easy note taking and selection pasting directly into the scratch buffer.
  • Optional persistence across sessions.


  • :Scratch opens a scratch buffer in a new window (by default using the top 20% of the screen, configurable via g:scratch_height and g:scratch_top). The window automatically closes when inactive (and its contents will be available the next time it is opened).
  • gs in normal mode opens the scratch window and enters insert mode. The scratch window closes when you leave insert mode. This is especially useful for quick notes.
  • gs in visual mode pastes the current selection (character-wise, line-wise or block-wise) into the scratch buffer.

Both above mappings have a gS variant that clears the scratch buffer before opening it. Note also that the auto-closing features require hidden to be set (and can be disabled via the g:scratch_autohide option).

By default the contents of the scratch window are lost when leaving Vim. To enable cross-session persistence, set the g:scratch_persistence_file option to a valid file path.

See :help Scratch for the full list of configuration options and more details on each.


With Pathogen.vim:

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/scratch

With Vundle.vim:

Plugin 'mtth/scratch.vim'

With NeoBundle.vim:

NeoBundle 'mtth/scratch.vim'

Otherwise simply copy the folders into your .vim directory.