Functions for reverse translation.
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Back translation

This library provides functions for back translation from amino acids to nucleotides.

>>> from __future__ import unicode_literals
>>> from backtranslate.backtranslate import BackTranslate
>>> # Create a class instance, optionally giving the translation table id.
>>> bt = BackTranslate()
>>> # Find all substitutions that transform the codon 'TGG' into a stop codon.
>>> bt.with_dna('TGG', '*')
{1: set([('G', 'A')]), 2: set([('G', 'A')])}

Sometimes we do not have access to the DNA sequence so we have to find possible substitutions from the amino acids directly.

>>> # Find all substitutions that transform a Tryptophan into a stop codon.
>>> bt.without_dna('W', '*')
{1: set([('G', 'A')]), 2: set([('G', 'A')])}

To find out which substitution predictions can be improved by adding codon information, use the following function.

>>> bt.improvable()
set([('I', 'L'), ('R', 'W'), ('Q', 'H'), ('C', '*'), ('*', 'W'), ('K', 'N'),
    ('C', 'W'), ('S', 'R'), ('L', 'I'), ('*', 'S'), ('S', '*'), ('L', '*'),
    ('L', 'M'), ('L', 'F'), ('*', 'L'), ('D', 'E'), ('R', 'G'), ('S', 'C'),
    ('E', 'D'), ('R', 'S'), ('N', 'K'), ('H', 'Q'), ('S', 'T'), ('T', 'S'),
    ('G', 'R'), ('L', 'V'), ('I', 'M'), ('F', 'L'), ('*', 'Y'), ('Y', '*'),
    ('V', 'L'), ('R', '*')])

To get substitutions in a readable format, we can use the following:

>>> from backtranslate.util import subst_to_cds
>>> substitutions = bt.without_dna('W', '*')
>>> # Transform the substitutions to CDS coordinates.
>>> subst_to_cds(substitutions, 12)
set([(15, 'G', 'A'), (14, 'G', 'A')])

Command line interface

Use the command backtranslate to find substitutions that explain an amino acid change:

$ backtranslate with_dna -o 210 data/mhv.fa - 1 Leu
1       A       C
1       A       T

If no reference is available, use the without_dna subcommand:

$ backtranslate without_dna - Asp 92 Tyr
274     G       T

The command find_stops finds a list of positions and substitutions that lead to stop codons. This list of destructive substitutions are useful when analysing a pool of viral transcripts. Counting the appropriate nucleotides at the given positions gives insight into how many transcripts are active.

$ backtranslate find_stops -o 210 data/mhv.fa -
216     A       T
225     A       T
230     C       A
230     C       G
243     A       T