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You can use this Recovery Tool to transfer all funds out of your Muun account to an address of your choosing.

This process requires no collaboration from Muun to work. We wholeheartedly believe that self-custodianship is an essential right, and we want to create a world in which people have complete and exclusive control over their own money. Bitcoin has finally made this possible.


Download the appropriate binary from the following table (or see to build it yourself), and follow the instructions below.

System Checksum Link
Linux 32-bit 7b6de37a2c05635ddeaa77654805e6a94e7a596d4de7b54e3906d1dfe881f0de Download
Linux 64-bit dd298ce92e05660363959ee1e5a1af5fa7f111957764623b8a187e07b1c86159 Download
Windows 32-bit 2388bf2d6d024c81fc99245ed79cfd2edb3118ad926d07129c8d3fadebe44f91 Download
Windows 64-bit 6050d6226b26516365206e012acd1e6edc0365b29d4c585e0fc8968a7fcd06b6 Download
MacOS 64-bit b842569fb380aa64a3ba5696f097f0512c2c4c8a8ea5da0ef9128eea80404af8 Download


Open the downloaded file. You'll be warned that the executable is not from a Microsoft-verified source. Click More info, and then Run anyway.


Download the file to a known location (say Downloads in your Home directory), then open a terminal and run:

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x recovery-tool-macos64
./recovery-tool-macos64 <path to your Emergency Kit PDF>

Security Warnings

MacOS may prevent you from running the downloaded tool, depending on the active security settings. If it does, head to System Preferences, then Security and Privacy, and give permission for the tool to run at the bottom of the General tab.


Download the file to a known location (say Downloads in your Home directory), then open a terminal and run:

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x recovery-tool-linux64
./recovery-tool-linux64 <path to your Emergency Kit PDF>

Use the linux32 binary if appropriate.


If you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. Contact us at

Auditing and Veryfing

This tool is open-sourced so that auditors can inspect the code, build their own binaries and verify them to their benefit and everyone else's. We encourage people with the technical knowledge to do this.

To audit the source code, we suggest you start at main.go and navigate your way from there. We always work to improve code quality and readability with each release, so that auditing is easier and more effective.

To build and verify the reproducible binaries we provide, see

Responsible Disclosure

Send us an email to report any security related bugs or vulnerabilities at

You can encrypt your email message using our public PGP key.

Public key fingerprint: 1299 28C1 E79F E011 6DA4 C80F 8DB7 FD0F 61E6 ED76