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Global Entry Interview Openings Checker
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Global Entry Interview Openings Checker

Scheduling an interview for your Global Entry application is hard. Some enrollment centers are months out. But they tend to sneakily add slots in the near future. This script will alert you when that happens.

This script uses the new (2017-10) but undocumented API at to inform you of Global Entry interview openings.

There is another project on GitHub that used to accomplish the same thing, but the new DHS web site broke it. I found it only after I got this thing working, so I thought I'd post this anyway for whomever may benefit from it.


  • If you don't have a Twilio account, create one for free, and create a free phone number. This is where your texts will originate from
  • Install the dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Copy to a new file
  • Edit
    • Enter your Twilio tokens
    • Enter your Twilio 'from' phone number
    • Enter your desired destination cell number, amount of weeks to look ahead, and your city search string
  • add this script to your crontab (see virtualenv notes). Direct the output to a log file to keep track of it
  • wait for it

A Two Hour Project

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