Sending data from an Arduino to the internet using an ESP8266 module.
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About Arduino-ESP8266

These are experiments in getting an Arduino to send data to the internet using the ESP8266 wifi module. These experiments use the data collected from a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and a photo resistor.



Initial code to get the ESP8266 online, sending data to Thing Speak.


Adds LCD to base code.


Changes ThingSpeak_LCD_public to send data to a webhost where data is inserted into a table in a MySQL database.


Combines ThingSpeak_LCD_public and PHPpage_LCD_public so that data is sent to both the MySQL database and Thing Speak.


On the PHP Page Demo (link below), there are some statistics calculated by some PHP code (under the Last Day Stats heading). This file has that PHP code if you're interested.


I used these guides to get started:

My Links

PHP Page Demo

Thing Speak Channel


I cover the hardware aspect of this project on my blog: