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An adapter which allows you to use FriendlyId with DataMapper
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FriendlyId DataMapper Adapter

Build Status

An adapter for FriendlyId 3.x using DataMapper. N.B. This adapter does not support FriendlyId 4.x.

FriendlyId Features

It currently supports all of FriendlyId's features except:

  • Rails Generator

Currently, only finds using get are supported.

    @post = Post.get("this-is-a-title")
    @post.friendly_id # this-is-a-title


The FriendlyId DataMapper Adapter keeps in lock-step with major and minor versions of the FriendlyId gem, i.e. friendly_id_datamapper 3.2.x is compatible with friendly_id 3.2.x series. Patch and build versions are not kept in lock-step.


gem install friendly_id friendly_id_datamapper
    require "friendly_id"
    require "friendly_id/datamapper"

    class Post
      include DataMapper::Resource

      property :id,    Serial
      property :title, String

      has_friendly_id :title, :use_slug => true

For more information on the available features, please see the FriendlyId 3.x Guide.

Documentation for FriendlyId 3.x may also be found on

Known Issues

FriendlyId DataMapper Adapter is not yet compatible with Ruby 1.9.3, because of an issue with a dependency dm-do-adapter and changes with the DateTime class, after its reimplementation in C (namely, DateTime#new! no longer exists).


Please report them on the Github issue tracker for this project.

If you have a bug to report, please include the following information:

  • Version information for FriendlyId, friendly_id_datamapper, Rails and Ruby.
  • Stack trace and error message.
  • Any snippets of relevant model, view or controller code that shows how your are using FriendlyId.

If you are able to, it helps even more if you can fork FriendlyId on Github, and add a test that reproduces the error you are experiencing.


Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, 2012 released under the MIT license.

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