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@harawata harawata released this
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  • SQL builder now supports LIMIT, OFFSET #1521 and FETCH FIRST #1582.
  • SQL builder now supports multi-row insert syntax #1333.
  • A new property defaultNetworkTimeout has been added to the built-in data sources i.e. PooledDataSource and UnpooledDataSource #1527.
  • SQL provider annotations now takes value attribute which is an alias for type #1522.
  • You can now pass Java array to ArrayTypeHandler#setNonNullParameter() #1548.
  • You can reference single simple type unnamed parameter with any name in OGNL expressions #1487.
  • A new configuration option defaultResultSetType is added #1056.


  • SQL provider method with a primitive parameter causes BuilderException #1604.
  • Fixes a possible NullPointerException #1590.

There is no known backward incompatible change since 3.5.1.

Please see the 3.5.2 milestone page for the complete list of changes.