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ocelot: a language extension library

ocelot is a collection of libraries to provide features that the C language lacks, various data structures that most programs use in common, and facilities for interaction between a program and its environment.

This package collects libraries into three categories called cbl, cdsl and cel. Libraries belonging to cbl(C basic library) provide features that the the language lacks and include alternative memory allocators and an exception handling facility. Those to cdsl(C data structure library) implement various data structures frequently used by most programs. Those to cel(C environment library) aid interaction with the execution environment.

The src directory contains sub-directories cbl, cdsl and cel for the libraries of each category:

  • cbl: C basic library
    • arena.h/c: arena library (lifetime-based memory allocator)
    • assert.h/c: assertion library
    • except.h/c: exception library
    • memory.h/c: memory library (for production)
    • memory.h/memoryd.c: memory library (for debugging)
    • text.h/c: text library (high-level string manipulation)
  • cdsl: C data structure library
    • bitv.h/c: bit-vector library
    • dlist.h/c: doubly-linked list library
    • dwa.h/c: double-word arithmetic library
    • hash.h/c: hash library
    • list.h/c: list library (singly-linked list)
    • set.h/c: set library
    • stack.h/c: stack library
    • table.h/c: table library
  • cel: C environment library
    • conf.h/c: configuration library (configuration file parser)
    • opt.h/c: option library (option parser)

Libraries had been documented with doxygen, and changed to use markdown for easier maintenance and access. The doc directory contains documentation for them. explains how to build and install the libraries. For the copyright issues, see the accompanying file.

As of the 0.4.0 release which breaks backward compatibility, the soname has been adjusted from 1.x to 0.x in order to match the release version.

If you have a question or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact me via email (woong.jun at or web (


a language extension library







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