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IMPOERTANT: For now this library supports up to ESP 8266 community version: 2.3.0 If you compile with 2.4.0 or greater version. This code will not work as expected.


MyControllerDevice is network driver for embedded devices to communicate with MyController. You can make your own sensors network on top of embedded hardwares. Currently this library supports for ESP8266 via MQTT protocol


When you compile you have to change the following settings on dependencies,


Quick start

  • Download dependencies to your arduino environment.

  • Download this library to your arduino library location

  • Have a look on example

  • Implement your code

Add your code on this default code

#include <MyController.h>

MyController mc;

void before(){
  //Your code before this library inialize

void presentation(){
  //Presentation code, to send available sensors detail

void receiveTime(unsigned long mcTimestamp){
  //Do something with received time

void receive(McMessage &message) {
   //If MyController sends some data, you will receive here.

void setup() {
    //You can check, does this node/device configured. If no you can display/blink some led from here.

void loop() {
  //You can add your logic here.

Compile and update code to ESP8266

  • Select target board

  • click on compile and update

OTA support

If you have 4M of program space you can do OTA program. To use OTA you need MyController and very first you have burn firmware for your device from computer.

First time configuration

We have to create gateway entry on MyController server and we have supply those settings to node/esp8266 one time.

Gateway settings on MyController server

Please note, here I have used MyController inbuilt MQTT broker. Which will not allow anonymous by defaylt. We have to enable anonymous. We can use with user details also. In the following screenshot I have shown as anonymous. We can use any MQTT broker.

Allow anonymous
Enable Anonymous on MyController MQTT broker
Gateway settings for ESP8266
Gateway settings for ESP8266 device

Configuration on ESP8266

Once the firmware successfully uploaded to ESP8266, When you turn on the device. We can see a Access Point(AP) somthing like ESP_XXXXXX(default password: mycontroller) this is your device AP. You have to connect your mobile or computer to update MyController and actual AP settings for your ESP8266. Once you have connected to ESP device AP, you have to enter the following IP on your browser Annd follow these steps,

ESP AP on WiFi settings
On browser open on browser
To know about device information click on Info
ESP device info
Configure actual AP settings and MQTT broker settings
Ap and ESP settings
When you save the settings, Self AP will get disabled and ESP8266 will connect with your AP and connect with MQTT broker (Here we use inbuilt MQTT broker)
Final message