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#Wiring the NRF 24L01+ radio

NRF24l01+ Rpi Header Pin
GND 25
VCC 17
CE 22
CSN 24
SCK 23
IRQ --

#Building & Installing

##RF24 library

  • Download the library from
  • Either an official release(tested with 1.1.3) or clone the master branch.
  • Decompress(if needed) and change to the library directory
  • Run make all followed by sudo make install

##Serial Gateway

The standard configuration will build the Serial Gateway with a tty name of '/dev/ttyMySensorsGateway' and PTS group ownership of 'tty' the PTS will be group read and write. The default install location will be /usr/local/sbin. If you want to change that edit the variables in the head of the Makefile.

###Build the Gateway

  • Clone this repository
  • Change to the Raspberry directory
  • Run make all followed by sudo make install
  • (if you want to start daemon at boot) sudo make enable-gwserial

For some controllers a more recognisable name needs to be used: e.g. /dev/ttyUSB020 (check if this is free).

sudo ln -s /dev/ttyMySensorsGateway /dev/ttyUSB20

To automatically create the link on startup, add ln -s /dev/ttyMySensorsGateway /dev/ttyUSB20 just before exit0 in /etc/rc.local


  • Change to Raspberry directory
  • Run sudo make uninstall