A template Django project that makes starting new projects easier on the mySoc setup
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This project is deprecated

Please see: https://github.com/mysociety/django-project-template and https://github.com/mysociety/django-app-template for more up to date templates and instructions

Old instructions for posterity

This project is intended to be a template to base mySociety Django projects on. It is not meant to be deployable on its own.

Set up from a fresh empty repository:

$ cd <path-to-parent-of-where-you-want-to-clone-django-jumpstart>
$ git clone https://github.com/mysociety/django-jumpstart
$ cd <path-to-your-new-project-dir>
$ VIRTUALENV_PATH=../virtualenv-project
$ virtualenv $VIRTUALENV_PATH
$ source $VIRTUALENV_PATH/bin/activate
$ pip install Django
$ django-admin.py startproject --template=<path-to-django-jumpstart>/project_template --extension py,yml,bash,conf-example,yml-example project_name .
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

You will need to edit the .gitignore to ignore the normal deployed general and httpd.conf files.

You might want to think about adding commonlib as a submodule.

Then when adding an app, use:

./manage.py startapp --template=<path-to-app_template-directory> app_name

Possible todo

  • mySociety banner to the header/footer
  • 404 and 500 templates