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Adds native MySQL support to vibe.d

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Merge pull request #55 from mathias-baumann-sociomantic/conststr

Replace string with const(char)[] for sql string
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Nick Sabalausky Abscissa authored

This is a native D driver for MySQL.

It does not utilize any of the MySQL header files, or the MySQL client library, being based instead on the published and unencumbered MySQL client/server protocol description.

This module supports both Phobos sockets and Vibe.d sockets. Vibe.d support is disabled by default, to avoid unnecessary depencency on Vibe.d. To enable Vibe.d support, use -version=Have_vibe_d.

If you compile using DUB, and your project uses Vibe.d, then the -version flag above will be included automatically.

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