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MySqlConnector.Logging.Microsoft.Extensions.Logging is not prefixing the category name like other loggers #1080

KirillBorunov opened this issue Nov 13, 2021 · 5 comments


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Software versions
MySqlConnector.Logging.Microsoft.Extensions.Logging version: 2.0.0

Describe the bug
The mentioned package is not prefixing the log categories.
So I see categories like "ConnectionPool" instead of "MySqlConnector.ConnectionPool".
Because of this, collisions are possible and I cannot filter all the MySqlConnector logs with single filter, need to know each possible category.

Here is the missing prefix:

public IMySqlConnectorLogger CreateLogger(string name) => new MicrosoftExtensionsLoggingLogger(m_loggerFactory.CreateLogger(name));

The other logging packages DO prefix:

public IMySqlConnectorLogger CreateLogger(string name) => new Log4netLogger(LogManager.GetLogger(s_loggerAssembly, "MySqlConnector." + name));

public SerilogLogger(string name) => m_logger = Serilog.Log.ForContext("SourceContext", "MySqlConnector." + name);

public IMySqlConnectorLogger CreateLogger(string name) => new NLogLogger(LogManager.GetLogger("MySqlConnector." + name));

Not applicable.

Code sample

LoggerFactory = Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.LoggerFactory.Create(cfg => 
    .AddFilter("ConnectionPool", LogLevel.Information) //How can I filter all MySqlConnector logs? How I can know all posible categories?

MySqlConnectorLogManager.Provider = new MicrosoftExtensionsLoggingLoggerProvider(LoggerFactory);

Expected behavior
I expect a prefix "MySqlConnector." just like on the other loggers.

Additional context

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I think you're right, but it's surprising no one's pointed this out before. (And now it would be a breaking behavioural change... so it would have been nice to know a week ago, before shipping 2.0. 😀)

For now, it's fairly simple to work around with your own code:

sealed class MySqlConnectorPrefixLoggerFactory : ILoggerFactory
	readonly ILoggerFactory _factory;
	public MySqlConnectorPrefixLoggerFactory(ILoggerFactory factory) => _factory = factory;
	public void AddProvider(ILoggerProvider provider) => _factory.AddProvider(provider);

	public ILogger CreateLogger(string categoryName) => _factory.CreateLogger("MySqlConnector." + categoryName);

	public void Dispose() => _factory.Dispose();

// ... other code

MySqlConnectorLogManager.Provider = new MicrosoftExtensionsLoggingLoggerProvider(new MySqlConnectorPrefixLoggerFactory(loggerFactory));

(Does such a category-name-prefixing type already exist somewhere? It seems like a useful type but I couldn't find one after a brief search.)

I'll have to think about how best to implement this change (to avoid upgrade surprises from 1.0.0 -> 2.0.0 -> fixed version).

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KirillBorunov commented Nov 14, 2021

For now, it's fairly simple to work around with your own code:

That's exactly what I did. It works OK.

I'll have to think about how best to implement this change (to avoid upgrade surprises from 1.0.0 -> 2.0.0 -> fixed version).

What if you allow to at least specify a OPTIONAL prefix on the constructor?
Maybe on all the logger packages. Maybe someone wants to use a category "DB" instead of "MySqlConnector" to log all database related messages the MySqlConnector ones + custom ones.
That way you will not fix it directly but add a feature that will allow users to do what they want with categories/prefixes.

new MicrosoftExtensionsLoggingLoggerProvider(LoggerFactory, "DB"); //constructor should ensure there is a dot

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I was thinking an opt-out, e.g., MicrosoftExtensionsLoggingLoggerProvider(ILoggerFactory loggerFactory, bool omitMySqlConnectorPrefix = false);

This would give better logging by default, but allow users who were relying on the old category names to opt out.

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Your way seems easier to implement, and solves the original problem, I think its OK.

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Fixed in 2.1.0.

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