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MySQL Connector/J

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MySQL provides connectivity for client applications developed in the Java programming language with MySQL Connector/J, a driver that implements the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API and also MySQL X DevAPI.

MySQL Connector/J 8.0 is a JDBC Type 4 driver that is compatible with the JDBC 4.2 specification. The Type 4 designation means that the driver is a pure Java implementation of the MySQL protocol and does not rely on the MySQL client libraries.

The driver also contains an implementation of MySQL X DevAPI, an application programming interface for working with MySQL as a Document Store through CRUD-based, NoSQL operations.

For more information, please visit the official MySQL Connector/J documentation.


Please refer to the README and LICENSE files, available in this repository, and the Legal Notices in the Connector/J documentation for further details.

Getting the Latest Release

MySQL Connector/J is free for usage under the terms of the specified licensing and it runs on any operating system that is able to run a Java Virtual Machine.

Download and Install

MySQL Connector/J can be installed from pre-compiled packages that can be downloaded from the Connector/J download page. Installing Connector/J only requires obtaining the corresponding JAR file from the downloaded bundle or installer and including it in the application's CLASSPATH.

As a Maven Dependency

Alternatively, Connector/J can be obtained automatically via Maven's dependency management by adding the following configuration in the application's Project Object Model (POM) file:


Build From Source

This driver can also be complied and installed from the source available in this repository. Please refer to the Connector/J documentation for detailed instructions on how to do it.

GitHub Repository

This repository contains the MySQL Connector/J source code as per the latest release. No changes are made in this repository between releases.


There are a few ways to contribute to the Connector/J code. Please refer to the contributing guidelines for additional information.

Additional Resources

For more information about this and other MySQL products, please visit MySQL Contact & Questions.

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