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MySQL Connector/NET

Languages License: GNU General Public License (GPLv2) NuGet

MySQL provides connectivity for client applications developed in .NET compatible programming languages with Connector/NET.

MySQL Connector/NET is a library compatible with .NET Framework and .NET Core, for specific versions see MySQL Connector/NET Versions. The driver is a pure C# implementation of the MySQL protocol and does not rely on the MySQL client library.

From MySQL Connector/NET 8.0, the driver also containt an implementation of MySQL X DevAPI, an Application Programming Interface for working with MySQL as a Document Store through CRUD-based, NoSQL operations.

For detailed information please visit the official MySQL Connector/NET documentation.


Please refer to files README and LICENSE, available in this repository, and Legal Notices in documentation for further details.

Download & Install

MySQL Connector/NET can be installed from precompiled libraries by using MySQL installer or download the libraries itself, both can be found at Connector/NET download page. Also, you can get the latest stable release from the official feed.

  • By using MySQL Installer, you just need to follow the wizard in order to obtain the precompiled library and then add it to your project.
  • If you decided to download the precompiled libraries, decompress the folder and then add the library needed to your project as reference.
  • If you go for NuGet, you could use the NuGet Package Manager inside Visual Studio or use the NuGet Command Line Interface (CLI).

Building from sources

This driver can also be complied and installed from the sources available in this repository. Please refer to the documentation for detailed instructions on how to do it.

Github Repository

This repository contains the MySQL Connector/NET source code as per latest released version. You should expect to see the same content here and within the latest released Connector/NET package.


There are a few ways to contribute to the Connector/NET code. Please refer to the contributing guidelines for additional information.

Additional Resources

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