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MySQL NoSQL Connector for node.js
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  • database-jones

    Lightweight object mapping layer for SQL and NoSQL databases.

  • jones-mysql

    Jones adapter for MySQL. Licensed GPL v2. Requires node-mysql.

  • jones-ndb

    Native Jones adapter for MySQL Cluster. Licensed GPL v2. Uses the low-level NDBAPI for data operations, but requires jones-mysql for certain metadata operations such as creating tables.

  • jones-test

    A high-performance stand-alone test harness. Jones-test is able to manage concurrent and serial tests, run hundreds of tests per second, and run combined test suites from several projects (for instance, running both the common database-jones tests and the jones-mysql specific tests all from a single test driver).

  • jones-promises

    An implementation of Promises/A+ used by database-jones.

  • unified_debug

    A printf-style debug library providing a single diagnostic environment for both C and JavaScript.

  • perftest

    Contains jscrund, a simple benchmarking tool for Jones.

  • loader

    A data loader implemented as a Jones application

  • samples

    Sample code using Jones

  • shell

    A database command shell based on Jones

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