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Tool for converting SCML files into Unity prefab and anim
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Tool that converts SCML files into unity .prefab and .anim files Based on the original work by Malhavok (


What it does:

  • for each entity in SCML file creates a Unity prefab
  • each entity got it's sprites assigned as long as you imported these sprites before conversion
  • for each animation in SCML file creates a Unity animation under the prefab
  • sprites are changed during animations, so only 1 SpriteRenderer is used for each node in the spriter file
  • an AnimatorController is created (if it doesn't exist already)
  • an Animator component is attached to the prefab. It gets a reference to the AnimatorController.

Limitations (and why):

  • Only quadratic, cubic, linear and instant curves are supported
  • Mainline curves are not yet imported
  • Only works with a "Pixels To Units" setting of 100

Important missing features:

  • Sounds
  • Points
  • Boxes


Copy the contents of the Assets folder into your Unity project's Assets folder or import the package from [here] ( Any SCML files copied into the project will be automatically processed. Prefabs are created in the same folder as the SCML file.


  1. Download this Unity package:
  2. Open your Unity project.
  3. Import your whole Spriter project folder into Unity.
  4. With Unity open, go to the folder you saved the Unity package to and double click it.
  5. Unity should pop up with a dialog asking if you want to import the assets, click import on the bottom right.

Unity should now import the Spriter2Unity package and then automatically convert your SCML files to prefabs. The prefabs will be in the same folder as the SCML files.

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