Project management software for freelancers or agencies, built with Laravel 5.
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Free PMO

Tell our clients that we are managing our projects professionally.

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Free PMO (Project Management Office), management project software for freelancer and agency, built with Laravel 5 Framework.

Baca versi Bahasa Indonesia


  1. About Free PMO
  2. Goals
  3. Getting Started
  4. Maintainers and Contributors
  5. Ingredients
  6. License
  7. Contributing
  8. Screenshots


Free PMO is a project management and project monitoring software. This software is suitable for Freelancer or Agencies, or any company that has project based services for thier customers.

Free PMO consists of two words, Free and PMO.

  1. Free can be stands for Freelancer, or Free Software, and off course Free (of charge).
  2. PMO stands for Project Management Office, like office of project management activities.

Main features on Free PMO are project management and project payment trasanctions. Other features are explaied on this concept file.

Development in progress In development progress, any table structure changes will directly updated on coresponding migration file, see contributing guidelines.


Free PMO was built for easy and professional project management.

Getting Started

This application can be installed on local server and online server with these specifications :

Server Requirements

  1. PHP 7.0 (and meet Laravel 5.5 server requirements),
  2. MySQL or MariaDB database,
  3. SQlite (for automated testing).

Installation Steps

  1. Clone the repo : git clone
  2. $ cd free-pmo
  3. $ composer install
  4. $ cp .env.example .env
  5. $ php artisan key:generate
  6. Create new MySQL database for this application
  7. Set database credentials on .env file
  8. $ php artisan migrate
  9. $ php artisan serve
  10. Visit http://localhost:8000/app-install via web browser
  11. Fill out the forms
  12. Done, you are logged in as Administrator.

Install Free PMO

Maintainers and Contributors

This project maintained by Nafies Luthfi and developed by contributors.


Free PMO built with TDD metode with these ingredients support :

Dev Dependencies


Free PMO Project is a free and open-source under MIT license.


If you want to contribute to this project, by creating Issue, new feature proposal, Pull Request, or donation, please see this contributing guidelines.



Free PMO Dashboard

Project Detail

Free PMO Project Detail

Project Job List

Free PMO Project Job List

Project Job Detail

Free PMO Job Tasks

Yearly Report

Free PMO Yearly Report

Automated Testing

$ vendor/bin/phpunit

Free PMO Testing