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NanoByte Code Generation

Build NuGet API documentation
A thin wrapper around the Roslyn API to simplify generating C# code.

This can be used to implement things like code generators for Swagger/OpenAPI Spec, ORMs, etc. using a type-safe interface rather than simple string templating.

While you can use the Rosyln API directly, its immutable and thread-safe design can make using it somewhat verbose and cumbersome. This library provides a simpler (but also less flexible) wrapper.


Add a reference to the NanoByte.CodeGeneration NuGet package to your project. You can then generate a class like this:

var myClass = new CSharpClass(new CSharpIdentifier("MyNamespace", "MyClass"))
    Description = "My class",
    Properties =
        new CSharpProperty(CSharpIdentifier.String, "MyProperty")
            Description = "My property",
            HasSetter = true

Take a look at the documentation for more features, such as interfaces and attributes.


The source code is in src/, config for building the API documentation is in doc/ and generated build artifacts are placed in artifacts/. The source code does not contain version numbers. Instead the version is determined during CI using GitVersion.

To build run .\build.ps1 or ./ (.NET SDK is automatically downloaded if missing using 0install).


We welcome contributions to this project such as bug reports, recommendations and pull requests.

This repository contains an EditorConfig file. Please make sure to use an editor that supports it to ensure consistent code style, file encoding, etc.. For full tooling support for all style and naming conventions consider using JetBrains' ReSharper or Rider products.