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🎞 Hardware-accelerated video transcoding using Android MediaCodec APIs. Supports cropping, concatenation, clipping, audio processing, video speed and much more.



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β €

Looking for a powerful camera library to take videos? Take a look at our CameraView.

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Transcodes and compresses video files into the MP4 format, with audio support, using hardware-accelerated Android codecs available on the device. Works on API 18+.

implementation 'com.otaliastudios:transcoder:0.10.5'
  • Fast transcoding to AAC/AVC
  • Hardware accelerated
  • Convenient, fluent API
  • Thumbnails support
  • Concatenate multiple video and audio tracks [docs]
  • Clip or trim video segments [docs]
  • Choose output size, with automatic cropping [docs]
  • Choose output rotation [docs]
  • Choose output speed [docs]
  • Choose output frame rate [docs]
  • Choose output audio channels [docs]
  • Choose output audio sample rate [docs]
  • Override frames timestamp, e.g. to slow down the middle part of the video [docs]
  • Error handling [docs]
  • Configurable validators to e.g. avoid transcoding if the source is already compressed enough [docs]
  • Configurable video and audio strategies [docs]

β €

β €

This project started as a fork of ypresto/android-transcoder. With respect to the source project, which misses most of the functionality listed above, we have also fixed a huge number of bugs and are much less conservative when choosing options that might not be supported. The source project will always throw - for example, accepting only 16:9, AVC Baseline Profile videos - we prefer to try and let the codec fail if it wants to.


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Feel free to contact me for support, consulting or any other business-related question.


Please read the official website for setup instructions and documentation. You might also be interested in our changelog. Using Transcoder is extremely simple:

        .addDataSource(context, uri) // or...
        .addDataSource(filePath) // or...
        .addDataSource(fileDescriptor) // or...
        .setListener(new TranscoderListener() {
             public void onTranscodeProgress(double progress) {}
             public void onTranscodeCompleted(int successCode) {}
             public void onTranscodeCanceled() {}
             public void onTranscodeFailed(@NonNull Throwable exception) {}

Take a look at the demo app for a complete example.