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List your Go(lang) declarations for your currently opened file in your Atom IDE
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Go Types View adds a list of all types in the currently active file in a panel to the left of the screen. The panel is updated after each save, and has click-to-navigate functionality.

  • Click By Line (default) to sort entries by line
  • Click By Method to group types with their method, overriding line numbers.
  • Click a method, type, or declaration to navigate to that declaration.

Toggle open/close with option-ctrl-o (unless there's something else with that, then open with cmd + shift + p and search go types to toggle)

Go-Types Screenshot

Being a newly published package, it's not bullet-proof yet. If you have any issues, I welcome Github issues and will fix it as soon as I can. Typically the following day.

Also keep an eye out for updates.

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