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Using Tupelo to grant Zwave access to home automation devices
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Setting up a Zwave device

  • Run node
  • Run .load /server/server.js
  • Wait until the Zwave device notifies it is ready
  • Put your Zwave device into pairing mode
  • Run zwave.addDevice(true);
  • Your Zwave device should now be paired

Server Configuration

Running the server

  • Run the Tupelo-Zwave server node server/server.js

Running the host app (Raspberry Pi)

  • Run cd host-app
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm start to start the Tupelo Pi executable, Node server and host app
  • Go to http://localhost:3000 to run the host app.
  • Submitting an email will create a new ChainTree stored on Tupelo and the validKeys.json file
  • An email containing a userId code will be sent to your guest.

Running the guest app (React-Native Android or IOS)

  • Run cd guest-app
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm start to start the app.
  • Select Android or iPhone emulation mode
  • Enter a valid userId code to gain access to the host's lock
  • Click lock or unlock for access to the host's home
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