REST for the wicking (i.e. garden beds. and the greenhouse, and the refrigerator and the stupid suburban lawn…)
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forward-looking statements follow

It should be possible to deploy a new Thing to the Internet Of™ with a $10 bill-of-materials for a "bare server" and less than an hour of REST code customization.

Microstates lets tiny hardware play in the world of Raspberry Pi, letting each wireless device act as an independent web server over a reasonably secure radio network.

Hardware platform

Protype with Arduino, deploy using bare AVR chips and nRF24L01+ chips. Keep this flexible.

Assume a "base station" will serve as the gateway to the Internet. Keep chipside code short and sweet.

Software platform

CoAP atop a custom multicast-oriented data transport layer secured by XXTEA, keeping <32 byte packets.

Arduino — a simple CoAP engine targetting communication over

RasPi — finish up loose ends, write a CoAP transport for

Use cases

In order of current priority:

  1. Aquaponics greenhouse monitoring system
  2. -- sekrit nodebots-tricites project --
  3. Sous-vide/yogurt-making crockpot (controlled via iPod touch)
  4. Wicking bed moisture sensors
  5. Household energy usage stats
  6. Lawn sprinkler mitigation
  7. Solar system monitoring
  8. Invisible ©Nest™® (?)

Basically I plan to start by "solving" silly suburban "problems" because that's all I got. If you have more valuable or more important use cases please get in touch.