Term project for CMPT 275: Software Engineering I
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Safety Beacon

Term project for Group #7 (Team NeuroSoftware) in CMPT 275: Software Engineering I


Alzheimer’s is a disease that effects not only the patient but everyone who is close to them. You may find yourself worried that your family members might one day forget where they live and wonder off. In fact, 6/10 people will wonder off and get lost! [1] Or maybe you are worried that they are taking too many trips to the pharmacy buying over the counter drugs or the casino spending their money and not remembering how much they lost. While you may not always be able to be by their side, with Safety Beacon you can rest easy knowing you have a direct link to their current and previous whereabouts. [2]


We define the CARETAKER as the user responsible for managing one or more PATIENT's, the user with Alzheimer’s.

The PATIENT can access:

  • A simple map view with easy navigation to the list of important locations; because Google Maps complicated if you forget where you need to go
  • An Augmented Reality overlay of their walking navigation; making it easier to follow directions by viewing the live overlay through the display
  • An emergency button available to the patient that will automatically guide the patient home in the case of getting lost

The CARETAKER can access:

  • Real-Time Location Access; in case they go missing
  • Designation of “safe-zones” defined by the caretaker, in which the caretaker will be alerted when the patient enters or leaves these zones (such as the patient leaving or entering their home
  • Push navigation instructions to patient
  • Location History Trace; to see where they went
  • Set a saved list of important locations; to add map makers like “home” or “grocery store”
  • Generate daily report of patient location history


Project Plan

Design Document

Requirements Document

QA Document

User Manual

Meeting Minutes

Weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30 in the ASB atrium

Date Link
Sept 17 View
Sept 19 View
Sept 23 View
Oct 3 View
Oct 10 View
Oct 17 View
Nov 4 View
Nov 11 View
Nov 18 View


Project Lead:

Nathan Tannar


Mobile development is my jam. I did a one year of Co Op with SAP where I worked on remote System Support and iOS development. I have experience with Swift from some personal projects I work on. With that I have learned how to setup a backend system for mobile apps that support a wide arrangement of cloud services including push notifications.


Jason Tsang


I am a 4th year Computer Engineering student with an industry background primarily in firmware. In addition to firmware, I have experience working with automation, regression testing and build and CI. I have been exposed to the Apple development environment before, having created a status-bar application for macOS.

Philip Leblanc


I am a fourth-year computer engineering student with experience with c++, javascript, python. Previously had a co-op at Simba technologies/ Magnitude Software on the Build and Test Automation Team. Had me working on an internal webpage using Angular.js and python but I am more comfortable with VS c++ through courses at sfu. Outside of school, I enjoy soccer, hiking, and skiing.

QA Developers:

Josh Shercliffe


I am a SFU student pursuing a degree in computer engineering. I am competent in computer hardware, and have built several personal computers. I have worked in IT at ICBC, as well as taken several computing courses at SFU such as CMPT 128, 225, and ENSC 251.

Kim Youjung


My name is Youjung Kim, I am a senior student in Computer Engineering. So far in my academic career, I have completed 5 co-op terms at 2 different companies as a R/D associate and software tester. I am currently finishing my last terms at SFU as I am seeking post graduate opportunities.

Works Cited

[1] A. Association, "Alzheimer's Association," 2017. [Online]. Available: http://www.alz.org/care/alzheimers-dementia-wandering.asp.

[2] A. Association, "Alzheimer's Association," 2009. [Online]. Available: http://www.alz.org/alzheimers_disease_10_signs_of_alzheimers.asp.