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This repository provides a set of C programs for exploring Linux namespaces. It starts out in a very basic form, implementing isolation via a PID namespace, and culminates in the implementation of a very basic container using a number of namespaces and a chroot filesystem. It's purpose is purely to demonstrate the use and effects of Linux namespaces, and is not meant for any other purpose. Head over to Docker, LXC or rkt for industrial strength container capabilities.

The source code was generated as part of some blog articles I wrote on namespaces.

Source Specifics

  • invoke_ns1.c: PID namespace
  • invoke_ns2.c: PID, MNT namespaces
  • invoke_ns3.c: PID, MNT, UTS namespaces
  • invoke_ns4.c: PID, MNT, UTS, NET namespaces
  • invoke_ns5.c: PID, MNT, UTS, NET, IPC namespaces
  • invoke_ns6.c: PID, MNT, UTS, NET, IPC namespaces + chroot jail

invoke_ns5.c and invoke_n6c.c need to be compiled with the POSIX real time shared library (-lrt) linked, in order to access the message queue API. Help for running the variations of the program can be found with the -h option, e.g.:

# ./invoke_ns -h
Usage: ./invoke_ns [options] [cmd [arg...]]
Options can be:
    -h           display this help message
    -v           display verbose messages
    -p           new PID namespace
    -m           new MNT namespace
    -u hostname  new UTS namespace with associated hostname
    -n           new NET namespace
    -i no|yes    create message queue in new IPC namespace (yes), or default namespace (no):
    -c dir       jail process in specified directory

Shared Library Dependencies

In order to create a basic, minimal operating environment for a container, binaries and their shared libraries need to be copied to a directory within the root of the chroot jail. The script provides this capability:

# ./ -h
Useage: -h [-n] <full path of binary> <target directory>

 -h   print this help text
 -n   noclobber, i.e. skip overwrite of existing file

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