National Cancer Informatics Program

  • Official repository for GDC User Guides in Markdown format

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  • caTissue Suite is a modular, open-source, specimen inventory and tracking system.

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  • The NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm) Browser is a web-based terminology browser that allows users to browse and search the NCI Metathesaurus, a biomedical terminology database that maps terms from more than 70 terminology sources into some 1.5 million biomedical concepts.

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  • diff specific for CDISC reports

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  • A CTS2 Framework Service Plugin based on LexEVS

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  • A remote (RMI) access wrapper around LexEVS.

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  • The LexEVS Terminology Service.

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  • caNanoLab is a web-based portal designed to capture nanotechnology data.

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  • Created as per request NCI-RITM0065579

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  • Files needed for Galaxy tools used to run Trinity_CTAT workflows.

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  • The NCI Term Browser is a web-based browser that allows users to search all terminologies, value sets and mappings on the LexEVS terminology server, to browse individual sources, and to easily follow the many links that connect them.

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  • The National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA) is a free and open source service and software application that enables users to securely store, search, and download diagnostic medical images, providing a searchable national repository integrating in vivo cancer images with clinical and genomic data. Using role-based security, NBIA provides web-b…

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  • To support the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) program

    2 Updated Dec 6, 2016
  • The NCI Term Suggestion application is used both standalone and in the EVS terminology browsers to get community feedback and contributions to both NCI and EVS partner terminology products.

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  • Generic version of the CDR, updated to remove study-specific references

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  • Alview : Alignment View for BAM files - a fast,portable tool for viewing short reads as native GUI program, command line or via webserver

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  • slncky

    Forked from slncky/slncky

    slncky is a tool for lncRNA discovery from RNA-Seq data. slncky filters a high-quality set of noncoding transcripts, discovers lncRNA orthologs, and characterizes conserved lncRNA evolution.

    Python 8 Updated Apr 19, 2016
  • Annotation and Image Markup (AIM) is the first project to propose and create a standard means of adding information and knowledge to an image in a clinical environment, so that image content can be easily and automatically searched.

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  • The caGrid2 project includes enhancements to the caGrid core services to support WS* and SHA2, which enables the National Cancer Informatics Platform's interoperability strategy.

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  • The caCORE Software Development Kit (SDK) generates a system built on the principles of Model Driven Architecture (MDA), n-tier architecture and a common API for data access. When the caCORE SDK-generated system is combined with controlled vocabularies and registered metadata, the resulting software system, called "caCORE-like" system, is "seman…

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  • The Pathway Interaction Database (PID) is software supporting the access and display of information about bio-molecular interactions and cellular processes assembled into signaling pathways.

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  • The NCI EVS Report Writer is a web-based tool that allows users to generate reports from terminologies available through the LexEVS terminology server; it supports download and printing to a variety of file types and formats.

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