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iniparser is a tiny library meant to simplify reading ini config files from C. Initially written for data-processing software in 1995, it was later isolated into its own instance. It has been derived and used in countless projects today. People have ported it to virtually every possible compiler, operating system, and processor, for the widest range of applications.

Being popular for software has downsides too. I quickly realized that changing anything in the code cascaded into these countless projects. Any change and my mailbox would start filling up with requests to limit patches to bug corrections without touching anything else. That mandated stability, which I tried to maintain over the past 18 years.

It is time to change and evolve. As it is, iniparser is still stuck in the 20th century, contains code meant for compilers and OS's that are probably not in use any more, and has trouble compiling with the newest C++ tools.

Next steps: freeze this version and call it legacy. Start a new project called iniparser4 and let it evolve.

I will myself step down from maintaining this library. Volunteers are welcome!