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mmap/munmap interface
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mmapi: an mmap/munmap interface

   This pair of functions offers a hopefully simpler interface
   to map/unmap files into memory using the system mmap/munmap calls.

   When opening a new mapped file, a maximum size (in bytes) can be provided
   to limit the mapping the first max_size bytes of the file. Providing
   max_size=0 maps the entire file into memory.

   A mapped file can be opened in two modes:
   MAP_PRIVATE: all modifications to the returned buffer will only be
   visible to the calling process.
   MAP_SHARED: all modifications are visible to all processes mapping
   the same file and will be propagated to disk.

   A common use of these functions is to map special devices like
   /dev/zero to allocate a block of memory.

Fri Mar 25 16:38:45 CET 2011

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