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Git R(emote)Stash

git-rstash aims to be a substitute for git-stash that allows stashes to be pushed to a location where they can easily be synchronised with other remote machines.

Build Status

Basic Usage

Limited inbuilt help is available with --help:

$ git-rstash --help
Usage: git rstash list
   or: git rstash show
   or: git rstash save [<message>]
   or: git rstash ( pop | apply )
   or: git rstash clear

Saving a rstash is similar to saving a stash:

$ git rstash save "Stuff to come back to later"
HEAD is now at eaa2b8e initial version

rstashes can be listed similarly to stashes, they just have more complicated IDs to reduce the chance of collision when working on distinct machines:

$ git rstash list
rstash@{2013-04-05T18:33:16,604969889+1100}: WIP on master: Stuff to come back to later

rstashes can be applied or popped similarly to stashes, either provide a string that's in the rstash ID or the most recent one will be applied:

$ git rstash apply 'Stuff to come back to later' # match in the message
$ git rstash apply '2013-04-05T18:33:16' # match in the ID
$ git rstash apply # apply the last one
$ git rstash pop # works the same as apply, but removes the applied stash from the list

git-rstash by default will create a store for each repo, these can be listed with list-stores:

$ git rstash list-stores
f5a10c44f3ebdac77870f74e9dfb3a88213eb99b3de0da82f47cda135178bf7f: /tmp/foo

It can be useful to have multiple copies of a repository all using the same stash store, git-rstash can be configured to do this by pointing a local repository at a different repos store by configuring

$ cd /tmp/foo
$ git rstash save "Saved stash from foo"
HEAD is now at f3b6b95 initial commit
$ cd /tmp
$ git clone foo bar
$ cd bar
$ git config f5a10c44f3ebdac77870f74e9dfb3a88213eb99b3de0da82f47cda135178bf7f
$ git rstash list
rstash@{2013-04-06T15:00:20,147034796+1100}: WIP on master: Saved stash from foo


Whether or not you need or want to manually sync is basically up to you.

If you're using a tool like Dropbox that automatically syncs changes, you can just ask rstash to use the Dropbox folder for storage:

$ git config --global rstash.dir "$HOME/Dropbox/git-rstash"

If you would like to use a custom syncing script that can easily be done too, e.g. to configure Unison:

$ git config --global rstash.sync.cmd "unison -batch -ui text $HOME/.git-rstash ssh://<your server>/.git-rstash"

and then to trigger a sync with Unison:

$ git rstash sync
Contacting server...
Connected [//foo//home/user/.git-rstash -> //bar//home/user/.git-rstash]
Looking for changes
  Waiting for changes from server
Reconciling changes
Nothing to do: replicas have not changed since last sync.

Known Issues

It's really early days so the format is still up for change at any point.


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