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A list of past (and upcoming) hackathons/other challenges.

NGD Goal

We believe that Hackathons and community led competitions can be very helpful for connecting the neo community and developing the neo ecosystem.

Event types

  • Challenges

    Challenges are often smaller in scale compared to Hackathons, and are held multiple times a year. Participants will be provided with several problems specific to the development side of NEO, with difficulty ranging from novice up to advanced. These events have been held in major cities worldwide, but could be held either offline or online in the future.

  • Hackathons

    Theme-based, large scale developer events focusing on the development of NEO dApps or other applications related to the NEO community. Hackathons are often announced a few months in advance, held in cities around the globe, and often last from one day to an entire weekend.

  • Development Competitions

    Development Competitions are held online once every year. It is held for multiple months, and is open to submissions from teams and individual developers all over the world. Any application using NEO smart contracts is considered. See last year's competition

  • Design

    These events are aimed for designers in the NEO community. Events will often be announced and held online. Any individual designer or team can enter the competition with their work.

Upcoming Events

  • Challenges
  • Hackathons
  • Competitions
  • Design

Past Events