Python bindings for Neo4j
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Python bindings for embedded Neo4j

Note: This project is no longer maintained. The approach with JPype was not workable. Please have a look at some of the alternatives available at

These are Python bindings for the embedded Neo4j Graph Database.


The neo4j embedded database is a java application, which means you have to provide an interface to communicate with java-land. You need:


The documentation contains more detailed help with installation, as well as examples and reference documentation.



pip install neo4j-embedded

Installation from source

To install neo4j-embedded from this source tree, use the maven build tool to produce the python distribution, then install the distribution normally:

mvn package
unzip target/neo4j-python-embedded-[VERSION]
cd neo4j-embedded
python install


Make sure you have a .pypirc file in your home folder with correct login information for the neo4j-embedded package on The release builds windows installers, so it needs to run on a windows machine.