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Graph Examples for Neo4j Desktop

For the updated version, see

This is was a frontend for Graphgist Portal.


Initial setup:

Install nvm

Activate the correct node.js version using nvm. You may receive a message instructing you to install the correct node.js version if you have not done so before. To ensure you are always using the correct node.js version you need to run this command every time you work on this project.

nvm use

Install npm and yarn:

  1. installing npm
  2. installing yarn

Install dependencies

yarn install

Development mode:

yarn start

Production build:

yarn build


Launches the test runner in the interactive watch mode:

yarn test

Loading into Neo4j Desktop

  • Go to your Neo4j Desktop’s settings (bottom left gear icon).
  • Enable development mode.
  • Set Development App Entry Point to the address where the Graph Example is running.
  • Set Development App Root Path to this cloned repository, where package.json is.
  • Close settings by clicking again on the gear icon.
  • Click on Development App