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Welcome to NeoWX - the most advanced weewx theme of 2018.

NeoWX is based on the popular SofaSkin.

Newer skin available!

Please note: This repository is not actively maintained anymore. We created a new skin with more features and many improvements. Find out more:

The current release (1.2) is the final release of NeoWX.


Have a look at the website:

Frequently asked questions are also answered there.


First download the latest version and put it on your linux machine where weewx is running. Then install it via wee_extension: wee_extension Edit the weewx.conf (located in most cases at /etc/weewx/weewx.conf or /home/weewx/weewx.conf) section [StdReport] -> [[StandardReport]] -> skin (ca. line 149) and set skin = neowx. Restart weewx sudo service weewx stop && sudo service weewx start.

Install fonts

This theme is using the Roboto font for graph generation. The used fonts and paths are specified in the skin.conf at the [ImageGenerator] section (ca. line 341). Make sure that the Roboto font is installed and available at the path. If necessary adjust the paths or change the font at all.

On debian based systems you can install the font with sudo apt install fonts-roboto and it will be installed at the specified path.


Just use wee_extension again: wee_extension --uninstall=neowx. But you can also manually change the skin defined in weewx.conf and remove the skin/neowx directory.



Weather icon used in logo: by Netguru

Weather Icons

This theme uses the great weather icons by Erik Flowers / Lukas Bischoff. Find out more: